Dr Malcolm Darayes Pestonji is a practising spine surgeon and an accomplished endoscopic spine surgeon practising in Vasai, Maharashtra, India for the past 25 years. Dr Pestonji along with his mentor, Dr Gore, is responsible for the mainstream education of endoscopic spine surgery at the university level for the first time in India and perhaps the world. He was introduced to spine surgery by Dr V.J. Laheri in the year 1987, but has transformed himself into a endoscopic spine surgeon under the mentorship of Dr Satishchandra Gore.

He has authored a manual for the procedures he follows, called “Operative Manual Transforaminal Stitchless Surgery Under Local Anaesthesia for Lumbar Spine”. It is the first such book describing transforaminal endoscopic spine technique in detail. He heads a core team of visiting faculty on behalf of the Mission Spine Foundation as course director and principal in-charge for setting up a centre of excellence in endoscopic spine training at MGM University in Navi Mumbai. This is the first such official university-approved course in the world. He also conducts numerous mentorship programs where surgeons learn the art of endoscopic spine surgery under his watchful eye.

Dr Malcolm Pestonji

Dr Pestonji has been a speaker and moderator at numerous conferences, including the 7th ACMISST & 18th KOMISS 2019 held in Seoul, South Korea, and the 6th Annual Conference of Neurosurgery Center El Galaa Military Medical Complex and Military Medical Academy in Cairo, Egypt.

Other endeavours

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